Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Basement Design Before Building?

Before you start remodeling your basement it is so important to get a good basement design done for you. You would want to contact a basement remodeling contractor that has experience in not just building basements but also in designing a layout that is both phenomenal and functional.

In this day and age, 2-D floor plans and 3-D renderings of what your basement will look like are very key in basement finishing and remodeling. Especially when you want to add that new floor of living space to your home. It is important to get guidance on where to place certain areas like your home theater, bar, kids play room or home gym.

I offer design service packages to clients who want peace of mind that whoever is actually responsible for building their basement whether it is my company (Spacements.com) or a family member who happens to be a carpenter also sees their vision. Design services range from basic floor plans to elaborate 3-D renderings and animated walk-throughs to see what your finished result will look like.

I will be posting more design ideas and photos of projects in the near future so please check back or go to my business web site at Spacements.com!

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